is a high-volume custom plastic injection manufacturer.

We offer an innovative manufacturing solution by completing precisely and delivering our products to our customers, including mold design, mold production and high-volume machine parts manufacturing. Our competitive prices, both nationally and internationally, eliminate the need for overseas supply of our customers. We serve at different sectors including major appliances industry, small kitchen appliances industry, automotive industry, cosmetics industry, air conditioning industry, logistics, aeronautics, electricity-water-natural gas distribution, banking, fuel oil industry, electricity-electronic industry and fast-moving consumer goods industry.

has never given up its consistency to produce its products with its high quality and just-in-time shipment and domestic production policy. Its pioneering commitment to maximize the versatility of plastic will have a great impact on the industry and the Turkish manufacturing industry forever. The aim of , which is an innovative family corporation, is to be a leading brand in its field with its continuous and stable growth strategy.